Impacts of Internet Usage: Positive Impacts and Negative Impacts

Positive impact :

Reviewing its various facilities, the most widely used internet functions are communication media, data exchange media, and as facilities that provide a lot of convenience in doing business or transacting in the field of trade or business.

Negative impact :

A. Various violations have surfaced with the internet, such as copyright infringement.
B In addition, the internet also impacts the increasingly widespread pornography that is difficult to maintain. So the assumption that says that the internet is identical with pornography, is not biased to blame. With the ability to deliver information possessed by the internet, pornography is very easy.
C The internet is also causing more and more identity theft jerseys and is becoming a common thing that is also difficult to guard.
D The spread of fraud in various fields, including buying and selling and others
E. The internet also gave rise to and expanded the gambling field.
F. It also weakens, if it does not kill the social nature of humanity, which results in a change in the pattern of social life.
G. He also used to make someone addicted so they can spend money just to serve the addiction. And many more negative effects of this internet.