Expand Your Intellectual Horizon & Boost Your Mental Health by Pondering a Few Existential Mysteries


Long in the past, in the earliest days of our homo sapiens species, males and females surely wondered, of their fashion, How did our kind get began and what takes place while we’re done? That is, What got here before our start and what to anticipate after demise? Two hundred thousand or so years later, many if not maximum of us are still thinking, though plenty of folks are not relaxed with such speculations and prefer not to dwell thereon.

Fair sufficient. Free united states of america and all of that, but I think avoidance is a missed opportunity for enlarging one’s intellectual horizon. This topic merits an area as truthful sport for REAL well being explorations.


Unlike conditions extant at some stage in the times of our most remote ancestors, most kids in latest centuries are furnished pre-packaged testimonies or myths that address those questions. However, the myths do not encourage exploration or curiosity; as a substitute, they offer solutions, although no longer universally satisfying. Nearly unlimited types of motives were on offer in various parts of the Earth. The cutting-edge fables with which we are familiar contact on those questions, however cognizance on Why are we right here and How ought to we conduct ourselves.

The most popular packages have commonplace features. They are primarily based upon venerated books said to be authored or at least stimulated with the aid of supernatural beings, all-powerful and all effective. Mystical, invisible potentates are said to have created the entirety and remain in charge, not just of Earth but the entire sun machine, our galaxy and hundreds of thousands of billions of other galaxies in our superb and increasing universe.

The main explanatory structures of our personal time have special representatives uniquely legal to interpret what the one actual controlling invisible force goals folks, aided and abetted inside the overall performance of their roles by way of exceptional costumes, exceptional get admission to to and use of precious objects, rituals and strategies that adherents have to follow.

Most people are uncovered to and indoctrinated in one of the pre-packaged explanatory systems. Followers of one system or some other live their lives, with varying stages of achievement, guided by using the system ingrained via their families and cultures. By the time they reach maturity, teens are fully indoctrinated and pass along the gadget they absorbed as children to their very own offspring.


One of many issues with the systems that deal with the grand foundation existential questions mentioned (i.E., whence did we cometh, why are we right here and wither can we goeth) is that systems are incompatible. This results in war, mayhem and holy horrors. Another problem is that, at first-rate, handiest one, at most, can be correct. Alas, all are not possible to confirm. Many human beings these days, referred to as skeptics (or infidels, heretics, freethinkers, blasphemers, and many others.), agree with answers supplied through all such structures are tricky gibberish. They do not forget what most are led and bred to believe approximately existential mysteries to be nonsensical. By the time humans reach adulthood, they have got had the advantage of training and life experiences. Thus, quite a number begin to suspect that the reasons given approximately such questions are suspect at best, and possibly simple folklore, like tales approximately Santa, teeth fairies, goblins and elves.

With the exception of genuine believers, followers of most faith structures at privately have problem going alongside, taking the nebulous offerings hook-line-and proverbial sinker-like. Some, approximately a third of the adult populace in America, don’t pass alongside at all. No wonder, perhaps, I’m one of them.


How do skeptics remedy, to their own pleasure, at least momentarily until new opportunities come to mind, those existential questions? How did our kind virtually get began and what absolutely occurs while we are done? That is, What came earlier than our beginning and what to expect after death?

Of course I don’t know, however I find motives supplied via science greater attainable than magical superstitions on offer. Science represents the fine danger, statistically and logically, philosophically and otherwise, of know-how truth. Naturally, we do not and cannot realize anything with self belief about ultimate beginnings or hard-to-believe afterlife futures. What, keep an eternal void, should there be? For us soon enough, and our sun machine an insignificant 4 or 5 billion years later, a void awaits, because it was in the beginning.

Well, here’s my take on that–no concerns.

It’s beneficial to broaden your own opinions approximately life’s extraordinary existential enigmas or conundrums–and expressing them freely. My personal evaluations are quite simple–there are no reasons for our life, this is, there’s no grand design.

Not that I’d thoughts an afterlife, if I ought to conceive of the sort of aspect. I’d like to over again have a danger to hug and pet my boyhood pleasant pal, antique Rufus, my devoted childhood dog, perhaps to romp approximately with him on Sugarcandy Mountain. According to Moses the Raven in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Sugarcandy Mountain is the location animals move after they die to reap the rewards from their paintings in the world. On Sugarcandy Mountain, the animals enjoy amusement, plentiful food, and candy treats.

Sounds desirable, however I think the mountain could be overrun with puppies, so until their sanitary conduct magically evolve after death, I’d maintain brief my time on doggie mountain.

Naturally, Robert Green Ingersoll, the Great Agnostic, had a fantastic concept approximately an afterlife. At the conclusion of an deal with at the Lotus Club’s twentieth Anniversary on the evening of March 22, 1890, he concluded his comments with those words:

When I am at the sort of collecting as this, I almost desire I had had the making of the world. What a international I could have made! In that global unhappiness could had been the handiest sin; depression the handiest crime; joy the handiest virtue. And whether or not there is every other world, nobody is aware of. Nobody can confirm it; nobody can deny it. Nobody can gather tolls from me, claiming that he owns a turnpike, and no person can sincerely say that the crooked route that I observe, beside which many roses are developing, does no longer lead to that region. He would not know. But if there may be such an area, I hope that every one right fellows and ladies will be welcome. Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)


Life is incomprehensible–usually turned into and will continue to be so so long as we remaining. Create your meanings, locate your purposes. This realityshould be perceived as properly information. It method we are unfastened, now not beholden to or enslaved through grand potentates in the sky, capable of use our minds to motive, to are looking for periods of exuberance, to appearance after ourselves and experience as a lot liberty as we can manage. The time for pleasure, to like and be nicely, kind and of use is now.